Vinymethyltrimethoxysilane (YZ203)

    English name Vinymethyltrimethoxysilane (YZ203)
    Molecular formula C5H12O3Si
    Molecular weight 148.27
    Specification Appearance: colorless liquid
    Density: (25℃) 0.97
    Boiling point: 123℃
    Content: ≥95%
    Usage Used as RTV single silastic cross-linking agent, (alcohol style) used to handle all kinds of fibres plastic as a coupling agent inorganic filling material.
    Packing specification 180kg/drum , 900kg/drum.
    Package IBC barrels and Steel-plastic barrels.
    Storage & Transportation Stored in a dry and cool place and protected from light. It's poisnousless and inflammabless, so it can be transported as common chemical product.

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